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Karen Horrigan

Karen has worked in corporate America for over 20 years and recognizes the dynamics inherent in bringing new responsibilities and techniques into the workplace.  One of these is social media. 

Unwarranted fear can keep a person or company from using social media. Karen believes that you can overcome this fear with training. This empowers you to use social media to 

  • Grow your brand
  • Promote your product or service
  • Engage with new and potential clients.   

Karen teaches creative thinking techniques that  ignites minds to go beyond  basics and build unique strategies. By encompassing social media and marketing platforms, applications are created. When clients and students are thusly educated and empowered, they come to appreciate the limitless potential, advantages, and benefits of social media.

 Karen's training instills excitement and motivates team members to embrace such marketing and communication tools offered by social media.

Learning to use social media properly is a key component of expanding and growing your personal and company brand. So take advantage of Karen’s knowledge and expertise today.


Jane  -  Chief Communcation Officer

I have known Karen Horrigan for over 10 years. Having met at a networking meeting, Karen and I had an instant connection. She is outgoing and personable, completely at ease in a crowd or in one on one conversation.  Karen demonstrates expertise in social media marketing as well as training. As a dynamic field that’s ever-changing, she is consistently at the top of the learning curve. One of Karen’s strong points is her ability to grasp a complex topic and quickly distill the information into training sound bytes whether in casual discussion or formal classroom setting.  I’ve had greater success in understanding and using LinkedIn and Pinterest productively because of the tutoring I’ve received from Karen Horrigan. Her diligence in pursuing social media expertise extends to her clients through training programs and superior follow-up service. 

Dennis- Commercial Supervisor Insurance Ind.

Karen recently came to our office and enthusiastically did a group LinkedIn 101 class. It was extremely insightful and very beneficial to all who attended. Karen is extremely knowledgeable, very eager to help and was more than happy to answer all of our questions. I highly recommend Karen for any social networking needs you have for your business.

Sarah- CEO of  a Publication Co

Karen met with our team to help us get organized and educated regarding approaches to social media. We had created various accounts, but we were not following a good plan for marketing using the various social media sites. Karen did a fabulous job of finding out what are goals are, discovering our target market, and then directing us towards which social media platform to use for each segment of our target market - and how to best utilize each one. She is a great listener - doesn't come with a preconceived idea of what we should be doing, but rather tailors her approach to each client individually. Karen was successful in energizing and capturing the imaginations of each member of my team. Each person left the session with several tasks that they wanted to dive into and carry out to completion. I couldn't be happier!