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Protect Your Data and Online Safety Course Code: C061649

Criminals are getting better at finding new ways to steal information, money, and identities. The best way to protect everyone connected to the Realtor and everyone on their contact list is through education. This training, will cover the high cost of cybercrime. The latest scams, hacks, and fraud for email, social media, cell phone, and internet.  We will finishing by discussing the essential of online safety, including what to do if you receive a threat or fall victim to a scam

Benefits of the workshop

  •    Know how to recognize scams

  •   Be able to recognize fraud emails

  •    Understand how to protect online and cell phone contacts

  •    Know how to handle a fraud situation properly

  •   Know how to protect your contacts from fraud and hacking

  •   Know how to protect devises from dangerous viruses

  •   Know how to protect their data from being sold